Support Groups

Nutrition Skills Support Group

This group meets weekly and is designed for those struggling with an eating disorder. Participants are required to be active in their recovery and seeing a therapist regularly. It is a closed group, meaning you enter and exit with the same participants for the full session. This group offers educational materials, meal exposures and recovery techniques that challenge your eating disorder. Groups are offered for both adult (18 years and older) and adolescent (12 to 17 years old) populations in two separate tracks.

Mindful Eating Group

Mindful eating is the core philosophy of Nutrition Counseling Center. This group is designed for those who have been chronically dieting to manage weight as well as those who are further along in their eating disorder recovery (i.e. – no longer engaging in symptoms), but still struggle with their relationship with food. This group provides you with the education and strategies needed to develop an intuitive style of eating.

Community Meal Support

Community Meal Support is designed for those who need a supportive environment during meals. CMS is offered weekly for lunch. Each session includes a 45 minute meal supervised by a registered dietitian and a 60 minute post meal processing group led by a skilled psychologist.

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