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Tired of thinking about food all the time?

Are you ready to be done thinking about food 24/7, but worried about how a new way might impact your health and everyday life? We get it.

At Nutrition Counseling Center, we create a safe environment to explore what your relationship with food could look like. You are in the driver's seat of your care, and we are here to guide and support you along your way to recovery and a life filled with food freedom.

Nutrition Counseling Private Practice in Troy, MI and Clarkston, MI.

that believes everyone deserves a life free from food rules and disappointment in their bodies, and the ability to move their bodies freely and without judgement. 

The Guiding Principles

Food & Nutrition

This is the crux of our business as we are all trained in the mechanisms of human food and nutrition. However, anyone can go to school for (or nowadays look up online) information about food and nutrition. What we do is different. While we can certainly provide education about food and nutrition, we are also specialized in counseling techniques and strategies to better understand why you make the food choices and carry the food beliefs you do. 

Food Plans

Although intuitive eating and the non-diet approach are the end goals of our work together, we recognize not everyone is willing or able to start learning these approaches right away. Diet culture creates chaos and confusion around eating, which sets up barriers to our client’s ability to trust themselves to feed their bodies what they need. Therefore, we must utilize food plans to establish some groundwork and foundation toward a better awareness of appetite. 

Exercise & Movement

Movement has oftentimes been the “elephant in the room” in eating disorder treatment - meaning we don't discuss it, postpone its integration into recovery, and the message that “no movement is allowed until you are symptom free or weight restored” is prevalent. At NCC, we think otherwise. We recognize that while exercise can be compulsive and sometimes medically unsafe, we cannot ignore the fact that movement has its benefits in recovery. Some of these benefits include mental well-being, greater bodily awareness, anxiety relief, injury reduction, an opportunity for social interaction and the ability to connect with other elements in our environment.

Treatment Team Collaboration

We believe this is imperative in the treatment of eating disorders. Since we are providing nutrition counseling, it is helpful for us to collaborate with the other members of the treatment team (physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists) to provide a holistic quality of care to the client. Sometimes this treatment team also includes coaches, school counselors, family, and friends!

Let's Work Together

Individual Nutrition Counseling

for eating disorders - Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder - and chronic dieters.

Nutrition Support for Parents

for parents who are looking to support their kid's eating habits or are concerned about their children's health.


With over 20 years of eating disorder experience, Patrizia Jesue, RD offers professional supervision, business supervision, and RD training for those interested in gaining experience in the field of eating disorders.

ARFID & Picky Eating

With a specialist in Avoidant and Restrictive Food Intake Disorder on our team, we are able to provide highly specialized nutrition counseling to those with ARFID and picky eating.

Intuitive Movement

Looking to improve your relationship with exercise and movement? We have a Certified Personal Trainer on our team who is specialized in intuitive movement!

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